Helping clients learn how to live more authentic in an effort to find more meaning and joy in their lives

Dr.Fry has over 12 years of experience working as a clinical psychologist in private practice. She works primarily with adolescents and adults, specializing in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.


B.A., Psychology, Samford University

M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Alabama


While in graduate school, Dr. Fry researched ways to promote healthy behaviors in individuals and completed several rotations at UAB where she learned more about the impact psychological factors have on people struggling with weight loss and chronic medical conditions such as breast cancer, chronic pain, and cardiac disease. Following graduation, Dr. Fry completed a two-year postdoc at UAB in the Department of Preventive Medicine. During this time, she performed assessments and therapy with patients in UAB’s Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab program and worked on several studies assessing the impact health has on quality of life and overall functioning.

Dr. Fry started her practice at Pitts and Associates and remained there for 5 years. At Pitts, she conducted individual, couple and family therapy. In 2011, she opened her own practice. As a result of becoming a wife and mother while building her practice, Dr. Fry has become passionate about helping clients create strong family foundations, build better relationships and manage a healthy work/life balance.

Dr. Fry believes that everyone goes through tough periods in life where they sometimes need a trained professional to help them get back on track. Dr. Fry views therapy as a positive step, acknowledging there are issues that need to be addressed in one’s life.

Dr. Fry is passionate about education and training and considers this an important piece of her practice. She has been a regular speaker UAB’s Psychology Interns for many years. Dr. Fry also conducts educational talks for churches, schools and businesses. In addition, she often consults with medical practices regarding how they can better serve the psychological needs of their patients. Dr. Fry is married with two children, ages 7 and 9. Recreationally, she enjoys cooking, running, volunteering at church and spending time with friends and family.